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Why does ReadyRefreshsm believe that its AccuPure® filtration service is better than other filtration services?

Why doesn’t ReadyRefreshsm by Nestlé offer in-reservoir ultraviolet lights, in-tank ozone generation, or silver impregnation on plastic surfaces?

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† Introductory offer for new customers only, upon credit approval. Cannot be combined with other offers. Activated Carbon Alpha models include 3M FM 1500 cartridges | Excel and Signature models include 3M FM 1500B cartridges. One year service agreement and rental of AccuPure® filtration system required.Customer may be responsible for the cost of labor and installation materials. Early termination, account deposits, activation fees, certain monthly surcharges and restrictions may apply. Plans and pricing subject to change at any time. Service available in most areas. Dispensers shown may not be available in all areas Offer expires 12/31/2018.